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If you can carry the bunkers on the left you should have a short iron in hand to try and set yourself up with a birdie to start your day. The safe play is to play away from the bunkers which will leave you a longer shot in. Take note where the flag is, the green is not nearly as deep on the left as on the right. Going over the green will be a very tough up and down.

Par: 4
Yards:  332 341 375 406
Women's Hdcp: 7 Men's Hdcp: 6


This is a 3 shot hole for most players, Pick a club that will leave you about short of the birch tree 300 yards out. A lay up favouring the left side of the fairway will give you the best look at this green. Going long over the green will require a great short game to save par. The first part of the green slopes uphill and then flattens out middle/back

Par: 5
Yards:  470 516 544 562
Women's Hdcp: 1 Men's Hdcp: 10


One of the toughest holes on the golf course usually playing into the wind. Left is out of bounds a draw starting out at the right side of the fairway opens up the fairway. This is one of our deepest greens so take note of where the flag is positioned.

Par: 4
Yards:  290 343 365 385
Women's Hdcp: 9 Men's Hdcp: 2


A straight forward par 3, with a pot bunker long and a deep bunker short right. A shot aimed at the middle of the green is always a great play, especially here. Take a par and run to the next tee box if you can.

Par: 3
Yards:  138 165 188 209
Women's Hdcp: 15 Men's Hdcp: 8


This dogleg left par 4 gives you two options off the tee. An aggressive play is to play left of the waste bunker (the further left the longer the carry) bringing in to play the environmentally sensitive area that lines the left hand side of this hole. The safe play is to play out to the 150 yard white pole which will give you a great look at this two tiered green.

Par: 4
Yards:  252 316 348 368
Women's Hdcp: 11 Men's Hdcp: 16


Working the ball from middle to a left or right pin may help you stay clear of the two bunkers protecting the front of this green.

Par: 3
Yards:  120 132 169 188
Women's Hdcp: 17 Men's Hdcp: 12


A straight par 5 that usually plays down wind and will reward an accurate tee shot with a chance at eagle or birdie. When hitting your second shot, be careful of the front bunkers. When playing to a front left pin the green depth is much narrower than if playing to a middle or right pin. If the pin is back right make sure you get it back there as a 2 putt is not guaranteed.

Par: 5
Yards:  443 472 490 511
Women's Hdcp: 3 Men's Hdcp: 18


A cut off the left rough is a great start to this hole or you can play aggressive and take it over the bunker. Be sure to keep the ball below the hole on your second shot for a good look at birdie.

Par: 4
Yards:  272 308 328 395
Women's Hdcp: 13 Men's Hdcp: 14


A dog-leg-left par 4 with 2 options off the tee. The safe play is to hit an iron at the 150 marker; the more aggressive play is hitting driver across the pond towards the right side of the green. This hole requires a very demanding second shot as anything short or long of the green will funnel off and leave you with a tricky up and down.

Par: 4
Yards:  318 343 369 398
Women's Hdcp: 5 Men's Hdcp: 4


A precise tee shot is key to scoring well on this tricky little par 4. A good point of reference for your tee shot is the middle of the five telephone poles in the background. Anything long and right of the 150 marker off the tee will surely be wet.

Par: 4
Yards:  337 355 374 390
Women's Hdcp: 14 Men's Hdcp: 9


This straight par 5 requires an accurate tee shot to have any chance at going for the green in 2. Be aware of the 2 pot bunkers right as they will make getting to the green in regulation very difficult. Be sure to avoid the long bunker on the right side when making your approach to the green.

Par: 5
Yards:  461 495 515 532
Women's Hdcp: 2 Men's Hdcp: 15


Keep the driver in the bag on this hole and opt for a 3 wood or long iron towards the 150 marker. A very demanding approach shot as this green is surrounded by trouble. Work the ball from the centre of the green and you’re golden.

Par: 4
Yards:  281 330 360 378
Women's Hdcp: 12 Men's Hdcp: 7


A short par 3 that is very simple as long as you’re able to judge the wind correctly. This hole is host to the most hole-in-ones of any par 3 at Kings Links so be sure to be aggressive!

Par: 3
Yards:  97 116 131 155
Women's Hdcp: 18 Men's Hdcp: 17


The ideal tee shot on the straight away par 5 is down the left side of the fairway leaving a good angle for going for the green in 2 or laying up. Be aware of the large bunker short right of the green and the 2 pot bunkers left. Keep your approach shot below the hole as missing long on this green will leave you with a very difficult up and down.

Par: 5
Yards:  482 502 523 540
Women's Hdcp: 4 Men's Hdcp: 13


A precise tee shot into this par 3 is crucial for making a good score. A miss right of the green will funnel towards and likely into the water, while a miss into the bunker left will leave you with a very difficult sand save. Yet another hole where being below the hole is a huge advantage.

Par: 3
Yards:  80 127 162 185
Women's Hdcp: 16 Men's Hdcp: 11


This long par 4 plays very different based on the wind direction. Against the wind you will want to hit your drive down the right side and rely on your long irons or even a wood to get to the green in regulation. With the wind, be aggressive and hit your drive down the left side of the fairway for a good angle at this green. Do not miss long on your approach unless you have a short game better than a tour pro.

Par: 4
Yards:  399 421 446 463
Women's Hdcp: 8 Men's Hdcp: 1


With hazards on both sides of this par 4 fairway, a good tee shot is very important. Be sure to take the wind into account when hitting your approach and be aware of our 3 tiered green sloping from back to front.

Par: 4
Yards:  268 327 350 371
Women's Hdcp: 10 Men's Hdcp: 3


A great finishing hole leading back towards the clubhouse. The ideal tee shot on this par 4 is down the left side as the entire fairway slopes right towards the water. Be aware of the pin placement on this hole. This severely sloped green funnels everything towards the front centre so be sure to take that into account when calculating your approach.

Par: 4
Yards:  337 379 411 429
Women's Hdcp: 6 Men's Hdcp: 5